The Beginning Of AnyMule

After spending more than a decade contemplating whether to start a blog, it all happened over last weekend when I thought of setting up a Mule specific blog (for myself) that can also act as a website hosting similar posts from other Mule practitioners.

Technology today has become almost analogous to clothing. We are able to buy lots of it because they are cheap and affordable. It’s cost efficient to get rid of them and buy new ones when we stop liking the look of it. What is even better than clothing, is all the updates and upgrades are automatic while being free of cost.

However, it is very important to appreciate the difference in complexity between technology and textile. Data is at the core of this difference. Companies are paying partly by uploading data in real time. And this is where Mule and it’s competitors play a huge role, not just in connecting cloud applications, but by defining how the data flows around.

I’m fairly new to Mule, but having spent the same decade mainly working on-premise monolithic ERP systems, I see Mule could be a great binding agent for the transition from past into the future. And I hope AnyMule will be able to contribute to this journey.