Subversion For Anypoint Studio On Mac

Anypoint Studio, as we all know, is a MuleSoft’s customized version of Eclipse IDE. It comes well integrated with Anypoint Platform (CloudHub) Runtime Manager. It will be nice if we can also do version control from Anypoint Studio. MuleSoft’s documentation clearly explains how to use Subversion with Studio.

Subversion For Anypoint Studio On Mac

Issues with SVNKit and Authentication

Although very clearly explained, it didn’t work very well on Mac OS X 10.11.6. Anypoint Studio version used here is 6.2.3. On Step 2, the link to Subclipse Update Site leads us to Subclipse 1.8.x. Although it installed fine, when tried to share a project (Right Click -> Team -> Share), it threw errors saying org.apache.subversion.javahl.ClientException: svn: E155021: This client is too old to work with the working copy at.

Share Project Error

After clicking Ok, it did move further all the way up to the authentication dialogs, which was very promising. But it didn’t go any further. Every time the user ID and password information were submitted, it seemed not to accept them and the dialog box kept reappearing. It didn’t even say what the error was.

Subclipse version 1.8.x was not the latest. Although a system update did not find the fact there was a new version (of course, the update site is specific to 1.8.x), trying to edit the URL to have 1.10.x Subclipse 1.10.x helped. This also brought in the latest SVNkit version with it. After installation, luckily, when tried sharing my project it did not throw any client too old errors. But again, it went no further - just the same authentication issue again.

Tried various options, but after giving a second thought to the actual issue it started to become very clear. There was a Save Password checkbox that had given a false sense of security that there is no need to re-enter the credentials. But it could probably only get effective once it completes all the set up stages. So tried to persist and went on to enter the user name and passwords, until it gave up. Fortunately, brute force did work this time! :fist: :fist: